Webb Wins Tough Like RORR

Tamaqua, PA – Round four of the AMA US Hard Enduro Series lived up to its name, Tough. The Reading Off-Road Riders (RORR) have become known for putting on the hardest hard enduro in the USA, and that certain was evident with yesterdays results. Cody Webb was the only finisher of this brutal six-hour race. RORR is in its second year of the “Keystone Challenge” doubleheader with the Locked -N- Loaded Hard Scramble which is currently taking place today.

Cody Webb Fighting on Lap One

Photo: Jenny Keller

The event kicked off with a short qualifier that would determine the starting rows for the main event. Cody Webb and Cooper Abbott where on the first row of pros which would allow them some clear trail. Off the start, Cooper Abbott would get together with Trystan Hart as they did a year ago, putting Abbott on the ground. Cody missed his starter button and was last off the line. He was quickly able to regroup and make moves to get to the front. Cody would finish p3 with Abbott p10

Overnight rain would add to the technical difficulty of the planned six-hour race. Webb didn’t have the best jump and was p6 entering the woods. Abbott would have early misfortune going down and damaging his clutch perch and housing. A quick trip to the pits would have him back and running, but he would have lots of ground to make up.

Cody Webb in a Rock Garden

Photo: Jenny Keller

Webb and Trystan Hart would quickly establish themselves as the frontrunners putting a gap on Will Riordan, part-time rider Logan Bolopue (on Sherco), Ryder Leblond, and Colton Haaker. Webb would lead Hart into the first lap pit stop but would leave in second. Abbott had another hard get off and injured his shoulder. He was pulled from the race after the first lap.

The riders knew that lap two was going to demand everything from them as the level of difficulty was increased.

Webb and Hart would continue to exchange the role of leader throughout the different sections. About a third of the way through lap two, Hart came to a stop with a technical issue. This would give Webb a 20 minute cushion to build off of. Behind them, it was Bolopue battling with Riordan and Leblond for the podium.

As the race progressed, everyone started looking at their watches wondering if anyone was going to be able to finish under the allotted six-hour cutoff time. As Webb climbed the final hill, he had plenty of choice words for the promoters, of which he later apologized for, when he lay flat on the ground from pure exhaustion. He made that final climb and the remainder of the course. He was the only one to do so.

He immediately handed his bike to the closest spectator and stumbled to find some shade. His crew poured ice-cold water on him and applied ice packs. He went on to the local hospital where he was treated with IV bags. Due to the circumstances, he was not available for a podium ceremony.

The final order was Webb followed by Hart ahead of Will Riordan, Logan Bolopue and Ryder Leblond.

Webb Emerging as the Sole Finisher in the PA Mine

Photo: Jenny Keller

Because Cody went off to the hospital we weren’t able to get a post-race interview. He was kind enough to send one from his bed.

Cody’s video quote

In Saturday’s women’s pro race, Rachel Gutish would take the win on her Sherco SEF 300 Factory four stroke. Riley Bender would win the A Class on his SE 300 Factory.

Rachel Gutish on Course

Photo: Jenny Keller

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