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Sponsorship provides a great means of broadening your competitive edge by improving your company’s image, prestige, and credibility by supporting teams that your target market finds attractive. With a potential reach in the millions, FactoryOne Sherco provides you with a vehicle to achieve and support your marketing objectives.

Target Audience

“Partnering with FactoryONE Sherco made perfect sense for FunnelWeb. The team partnership has opened new business opportunities for us, most notably with Sherco USA, the exclusive importer of bikes in the US. The partnership allows us to reach millions of potential customers through their championship trials team, which is new for us, as well as the enduro markets with riders such as Cody Webb, Steward Baylor and Grant Baylor”. 

Niels van Kempen


“When the opportunity presented itself, it didn’t take long for us to jump on board as the official lubricant company. Motul is a market leader in synthetic lubes and powersports applications. Sherco, another amazing French brand, is quickly becoming a power player here in the United States. We not only benefit from the brand alliance and ultimately boosted sales figures through their brand-loyal audience, but we get to have feedback from riders like Cody Webb and Pat Smage, who are not only champions, but Cody is an engineer by background.”

Nolan Browning

“FXR and ShercoUSA’s story is very similar. We were a small company, producing top quality products for the snow industry. Fast forward to the early 2000’s and we made a jump to moto. We are continually growing and are adapting and expanding our product line, thus we found it to be perfect timing to partner up with FactoryONE Sherco. Through our sponsorship, we are able to showcase our products to the extreme enduro riders through Cody Webb and to the pure off-road enthusiasts with GNCC racing with Steward and Grant Baylor. This is translating to sales to not only Sherco owners, but off-road riders as a whole.”

Andy White

Brand Manager

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