Riesa, Germany –  Round two of the 2022 – 2023 FIM SuperEnduro season moved to the Saxony region of Germany. FactoryONE Sherco riders Cody Webb and Cooper Abbott finished p4 and p8 respectively on a challenging track with lots of flat landings in front of another sold-out crowd. Cody Webb on His SuperPole LapPhoto courtesy of Future7MediaFor the SuperPole qualification, Cody Webb would be the fourth fastest around the technical track giving him a front-row starting spot. Cooper Abbott was not as lucky and would have to contend from row two on the gird.Cody Webb out Front Early in Moto OnePhoto courtesy of Future7MediaMoto one saw Cody Webb just ahead of points leader Billy Bolt as they came across the first time check. That would be the only lead of the moto for Webb however as he slipped back to p3 a lap later. This is where he would finish the moto behind Bolt and fellow countryman, Jonny Walker. Cooper Abbott would have to deal with mistakes and downed riders which proved to be costly. The young rider would finish p10 for the moto.Cooper Abbott in Moto TwoPhoto courtesy of Future7MediaThe reverse grid start for moto two was not kind to either FactoryONE Sherco rider. A first-corner pileup would consume both Abbott and Webb, which meant having to come from the back. The moto was full of chaos as the top riders kept finding themselves on the ground after mistakes. This left the moto wide open all the way to the final lap for who would take top honors. A mistake by Bolt on the rock garden climb saw four riders through, one of them being Cody Webb, but a mistake shortly after cost Webb a second consecutive podium finish for the moto finishing p4. Abbott made passes from the earlier pileup, but as luck would have it, he would find himself at the wrong place at the wrong time once again. He would finish p8 for the moto.Cody Webb Focused for the Final MotoPhoto courtesy of Future7MediaWebb knew what was needed for the overall podium, and at the gate drop, he found himself in the right place leading Bolt and Walker halfway through the opening lap. Bolt would make his way around but would make a mistake on the same rock garden climb as earlier in the night. This would allow Webb back through and into the lead. This is where things took an interesting turn for Webb. Jonny Walker would get past on the next lap but never out of reach of Webb. Webb and Bolt were closing in on Walker’s rear wheel a lap later. As Webb cleared a big rock jump, Bolt crashed behind him sending his bike into Webb, which took down the American. This allowed Taddy Blazusiak around the downed pair. Bolt was quicker to recover and got up in p3, but Webb wasn’t as fortunate as Spaniard Alfredo Gomez made his way around Webb as well. In his effort to get back into a podium position, Webb was making a pass on Gomez at the wood pyramid, but a mistake would cost him. Instead of being aggressive and hitting Gomez, Webb would lean the opposite way causing him to go down on the landing. “When I was trying to pass Alfredo, I didn’t want to take us both out, so I leaned the other way and ended up crashing on the landing,” said Webb. The mistake would cost him as he would finish p5 for the moto and causing him to miss the final podium spot with a very respectable p4. Cooper Abbott would continue to have bad luck in moto three with riders crashing in front of him. When he would make passes back, the Arizonan would find himself stuck in another mess. Cooper would finish the moto p7 and p8 overall.Cooper Abbott in Moto Three Photo courtesy of Future7Media“Overall it was a positive night in Riesa,” Said Cody Webb. “A wild final moto with getting crashed into, and crashing myself, kicked me off the podium. I am looking forward to putting my head down to regroup and come back stronger in Budapest. The Sherco SEF 300 performed flawlessly with no issues. There are plenty of good things to walk away with this weekend,” concluded Webb.“The night started off rough with a poor qualifying run which gave me a bad gate pick,” Said Cooper Abbott. “That led to bad starts and constantly having to come through the pack. I made good passes all night but unfortunately seemed like I always ended up in the wrong spot at the wrong time which cost me a ton of spots overall. I felt great on the bike but it just didn’t transpire into the results. Plain and simple, I got my butt whooped! I learned a lot and can take this to improve in the following rounds. I am learning so much in my first year of SuperEnduro.  We have a lot more to show than what it’s been so far,” Concluded Abbott. Cody Webb in Moto ThreePhoto courtesy of Future7Media