Cody Webb and supported rider Nick Fahringer were in Kellogg, ID for the final round of the AMA Hard Enduro Series this weekend. The Silver Kings Hard Enduro takes place on the beautiful Silver Mountain Resort. This beauty is one heck of a beast however. Race promoter and Sherco dealer James Sterns really upped the ante this year making it one of the most challenging courses in North America. Cody Webb, despite the course and feeling under the weather was able to secure a p3 podium finish. Nick Fahringer would finish a strong p8.

The event would kick off with a prologue on the mountain top. Starting order was determined by when the athletes registered. With that, Cody was on the last row of pro riders with Nick and Matthew Green of South Africa. The pair would have to contend with a bunch of lappers on course being last off the line. Cody would work his magic and finish p3. Nick had a little more difficulty finishing p15.

The results from the prologue would determine the seeding for the newly added “street rhythm” night show. This was the top 32 riders from the morning going head to head on an endurocross style up and back course. This would decide the starting order for the main race. The riders put on quite a show for the large crowd in attendance. Cody would finish p3 and Nick p20.

Cody woke on race day with stomach and nausea issues which was concerning. He was able to get the starting line to take on the best and do manage the day. Early in the race it was Colton Haaker in the lead with Cody, Ryder Leblond, Alfredo Gomez, Will Riordan and Trystan Hart in tight running order. As the race continued, Haaker would make a navigation error at check one allowing the others to battle through. At the midway point, it was Hart followed by Leblond and Riordan. Webb would come in to the check just as the others left with fuel. Alfredo Gomez would follow Webb. At this point of the race, Webb was struggling with the issues described earlier.

Cody would drop to p6 shortly after the next major climb but he began to find a second wind of sorts. He would start pulling in the front runners. Cody would move to p3 going over the top of “Kingslayer” behind Hart and Leblond. This would be the final finishing order on what was described by Cody as “one of the hardest races in North America.” Further back in the pack, Nick Fahringer was riding very consistently avoiding costly mistakes in the creek beds and steep climbs. His persistence was awarded with a top 10 finish at p8.

“The day didn’t start out ideally for me with my health issues,” said Cody Webb. “It was a rough first half. I honestly thought it was going to be a battle for 6th or worse for me. I am glad I was able to get on the podium. This was one gnarly course. There was one downhill where I had to get off of my bike, grab my rear pull strap and shimmy my way down. James and the crew put on a great event. I think we put on a great show in town with the street rhythm contest and ultimately on the mountain. ” concluded Webb.

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